Proper nutrition

Your pet should eat like you should. Like most of our own packaged foods, most commercial pet foods lack proper balanced nutrition (“meets AAFCO requirements” does NOT mean balanced nutrition). They are more like us eating fast food every meal – it sure tastes good, but can’t give us the vitamins and minerals we need, while providing a lot of fillers and fats.


A body that is lean and fit is less likely to be injured by minor events, and exercise also leads to far better cardiac health.


Protect against diseases that YOUR pet may contract, while not stressing the immune system overly with vaccinations against disease you are unlikely to encounter or vaccinating more frequently than necessary. Too many pets are receiving vaccinations every year against diseases for which they are not at risk. This immune system stress is heavily implicated as a factor in all cancers and autoimmune diseases we see in pets. (see our Vaccination page)